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 Everybody in!

- That's what I always like to say.
- Welcome to my Home Page.

On a warm spring night in May.
A drowsy moon was shining;
And my cares were swept away.

The shadows were softly playing,
Lest they dare disturb the peace,
And all the little noises suddenly seemed to cease.

For among the trees was swaying,
A fairy, lost by time,
And the night birds made the music,
While she danced in perfect rhyme.


And just like silent clouds at night,
Fairies sprang up, one by one,
Some clad in green and scarlet,
While others looked like the sun.

The crickets were their guardians,
For the toads were all asleep;
The Fairies Spoke in whispers,
With voices low and sweet.

But the moon had brought a madness,
With the swiftly passing night,
The fairies made mad revelry,
While I watched in sheer delight.

Then the hoot owls and the goblins,
Scared the fairies all away,
And the earth was lost in slumber,
As I silently stole away.

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Updated 21 November, 2005